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The Snail And The Butterfly Is A Children’s Picture For All Ages About A Young Snail Who Wanted To Fly And An Old Butterfly Who Questioned Why. Order Now from Booktopia.


Heartwarming Children’s Book Adventure in Juvenile Fiction/Animals Genre Now Available at Booktopia

Discover the magic of believing in yourself with The Snail and The Butterfly, an inspirational and educational children’s book, now available at Booktopia, perfect for lovers of the juvenile fiction/animal genre aged 4-7 years old. Join the heartwarming adventure of an ambitious little snail who dreams of flying and the wise butterfly who helps him overcome his fears. Together, they teach us that dreams have no limits and are worth pursuing, regardless of our age, abilities, or background.

Attention Mushroom Hunters And Aspiring Aviators Of All Ages!

Now available for order from Booktopia in Australia. Booktopia Group Ltd is an Australian online bookstore. Founded in 2004, it now turns over $165 million a year, and was listed in the AFR/BRW’s Fast 100 eight times, the only company to ever achieve this feat, from 2009 to 2017. In 2016, 2017 & 2019 Booktopia was voted ‘Bookstore of the Year’ (from Wikipedia).

Have you ever wanted to do something great? Something no one else believed you could do? Well here is your chance to learn how. Meet a little snail who wanted to fly and an old butterfly who questioned why. Travel with the little snail as he crawls up a mushroom determined to soar from the top. But every time the same thing makes him stop: fear. Sound familiar?

Filled with inspiration and motivation, this magical conversation paired with whimsical illustrations in an inspiration children’s book between an ambitious snail and seasoned butterfly encourages us to pursue our dreams regardless of who we are or where we come from.

Published by Rare Bird Books with words by award-winning author Doug Cooper aka Dougie Coop and illustrations by acclaimed Australian artist CJ the Kid, the rhythmic verse and playful style of this delightful children’s book reminds us all we can achieve the impossible as long as we believe, trust, and persevere.

The Creative Minds Behind the Book: Dougie Coop and CJ the Kid

Authored by the award-winning Doug Cooper, known to young readers as Dougie Coop, this beautifully written book combines playful, rhythmic verses that enchant the mind and uplift the spirit. Dougie Coop is renowned for his literary and thriler novels, Outside In, The Investment Club, and Focus Lost. The Snail and The Butterfly marks his delightful debut into the world of children’s picture books.

Every page of this inspiring book is brought to life by the vibrant illustrations of acclaimed Australian artist, CJ the Kid, whose work captures the joy and wonder of childhood. Having performed in television commercials, films, and theatrical productions from Australia to the United States, including three years in a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, CJ the Kid’s debut in children’s books is as memorable as his performances.

The Message: Belief, Trust, and Perseverance

Experience a journey filled with motivation and wonder, uniquely captured in The Snail and The Butterfly. A masterpiece in children’s literature, this book is a compelling reminder that with belief, trust, and perseverance, even the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Embrace the power of imagination and inspire young minds with this uplifting tale of dreams and courage.



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Adventure, Animals, Friendship, Imagination


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