Embark on a journey through Doug Cooper’s remarkable transformation from writing compelling adult literary fiction and thrillers to penning enchanting children’s stories. Introducing The Snail & The Butterfly, an inspiring tale of juvenile fiction that resonates with readers ages 4-7 and answers the question “What books are appropriate for a 4-year-old or what books should my 7-year-old be reading?”

Choosing Books for Your Young Ones

When wondering how to choose books for preschoolers, consider those that ignite curiosity, nurture imagination, and are visually appealing. Doug Cooper’s The Snail & The Butterfly anchieves all three, with a plot that encourages young readers to explore the pursuit of dreams, perseverance, and the importance of personal relationships for children.

Inside pages of The Snail & The Butterfly, Doug Cooper's latest children's literature masterpiece
Snail & Butterfly Inspirational Children's Book Is An Engaging, Education Story for Kids Ages 4-7 & Popular Picture Book for Preschoolers

Revealing an Exceptional Artistic Collaboration 

A unique collaboration between Dougie Coop and the gifted Australian illustrator, CJ the Kid, gives The Snail & The Butterfly its soul. Complemented by CJ’s vivid, whimsical illustrations, this heartwarming creation is the result of a creative endeavor spanning continents. Get a copy of this touching children’s book from your local bookstore today.

Destined to Be a Literary Classic

While finding the most popular children’s book title is difficult, given the abundance of fantastic literature available, Doug Cooper’s The Snail & The Butterfly is certainly a strong contender. With its engaging storytelling and beautiful illustrations, it holds universal appeal, resonating with children and adults alike.

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Rare Bird Books Adds to a Rich Literary History

The Snail & The Butterfly, a charming addition to the prestigious Rare Bird Books lineup, reflects Cooper’s successful alliance with the esteemed publishing house. As an experienced author, Doug Cooper’s narratives continue to captivate audiences with their introspective depth, enhancing the literary history of Rare Bird.

CJ the Kid Inspires Imagination in All Ages

CJ the Kid, the prolific and brilliant artist behind the book’s captivating visuals, began his artistic journey in childhood. The snail, butterfly, and mushrooms have been recurring characters and themes, encapsulating pure imagination, freedom, and playfulness. Despite the geographic distance, CJ’s collaboration with Dougie Coop has culminated in a touching children’s book that inspires imagination and resonates with readers of all ages.

Back Cover with Whimsical illustrations by CJ the Kid from The Snail & The Butterfly
Exciting merchandise including stickers, T-shirts, and hats from the Snail & Butterfly Shop

Book Launch & Exciting Merchandise 

The Snail & The Butterfly is set for release on September 12, 2023, by Doug Cooper and Rare Bird Books. Alongside the book, there is an array of exciting merchandise including stickers, T-shirts, hats, and more available at the Snail & Butterfly Shop. Secure your copy of this captivating children’s book today for a magical reading experience or gift for your grandchildren or beloved young person in your life.