The Snail & Butterfly Cover - Children's Book by Dougie Coop & CJ the Kid


The Snail And The Butterfly

Children’s Book

Meet A Special Snail & Wise Butterfly In This Inspirational Children’s Book For Preschoolers & Ages 4-7 That Is An Educational, Engaging Story for Kids and Popular Picture Book About A Young Snail Who Wanted To Fly And An Old Butterfly Who Questioned Why

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Snail & Butterfly Inspirational Children's Book Is An Engaging, Education Story for Kids Ages 4-7 & Popular Picture Book for Preschoolers


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Snail and the Butterfly Opening Scene

Little Snail, crawling from below, is there some place you’re trying to go?

Every day you squirm and struggle up the side, but at some point, you get scared and curl up and hide.

Old Butterfly

Experienced Aviator

Old butterfly, by my side, teach me please, how to fly.

To soar above the earth below, escaping the fear and scariness we’ll all know.

Little Snail

Aspiring Aviator

Award-Winning Author

Dougie Coop

Author Dougie Coop

Author Dougie Coop, or better known under his award-winning literary fiction and thriller pen name Doug Cooper, is the author of the literary novels Outside In, The Investment Club, Focus Lost, and host of the podcast, The Store Next Door. Always searching, he has traveled to over twenty-five countries on five continents, exploring the contradictions between what we believe and how we act in the pursuit of truth, beauty, and loveThe Snail And The Butterfly is his first children’s picture book.


CJ the Kid

Artist CJ the Kid

Artist Christopher Jhureea, known as CJ the Kid in the creative world, has danced in television commercials, films, and in theatrical productions from Australia to the United States, including three years in a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. Sharing free-flowing imagination and color with the world is how he interprets and answers life’s complex questions and also as a reminder to himself and others that we should always have fun and keep the kid alive in ourselves. The Snail And The Butterfly is his first children’s picture book.

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