The Snail and The Butterfly Children’s Book Gift Set

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Introducing The Snail and The Butterfly Children’s Book Limited Edition Gift Set, the ultimate gift bundle that brings the enchanting world of Dougie Coop’s heartwarming tale straight into the hands and hearts of young readers. This all-in-one set is designed to inspire, educate, and entertain, making it the perfect gift for children aged 2-10, and honestly, for dreamers of all ages.

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The Snail and The Butterfly Children’s Book Limited Edition Gift Set by Dougie Coop & CJ the Kid: Inspiring Dreams & Imagination

Introducing the definitive limited edition gift set for budding readers: “The Snail and The Butterfly” by the renowned Ohio author, Dougie Coop and acclaimed Australian Artist CJ the Kid. This immersive bundle promises to whisk young minds away to a world where dreams come alive, making it an ideal gift for kids aged 4-7 and dreamers at every age.

📚 Award-Winning Hardcover Book: Dive into a mesmerizing tale penned by Dougie Coop, an acclaimed author from Ohio. With vibrant illustrations and a touching narrative, this book tells the saga of a brave snail and an insightful butterfly. It’s more than just a story; it’s a lesson in bravery, aspiration, and the magic of self-belief.

🧸 Interactive Plush Toy: Enhance bedtime stories with a delightful 8-inch snail or butterfly plush toy. Crafted with love and soft fabric, this toy bridges the gap between fiction and reality, igniting limitless imaginative play.

🌟 Exclusive Sticker Sheet: Personalize everyday items with a 6″x8″ glossy sticker sheet adorned with captivating illustrations from Dougie’s book. Durable and easy to stick, they’re perfect for jazzing up journals, bottles, or a kid’s room.

🎁 The Ultimate Gift Choice: Dougie Coop’s limited edition set is more than just a gift; it’s an experience. It marries the pleasure of reading with hands-on engagement, making it the go-to gift for birthdays, festive seasons, or moments that call for inspiration. A must-have for every young reader’s collection, this set fosters both literacy and imaginative exploration.

📦 Detailed Specifications:

  • Hardcover Book: 42 pages, English, ISBN-10: 1644283654, ISBN-13: 978-1644283653
  • Plush Toy: 8 inches, crafted with soft fabric
  • Sticker Sheet: 6″x8″, premium glossy finish

Ready to spark a child’s imagination? Grab this exclusive gift set and watch them bask in the magic of Dougie Coop’s world, learning the power of self-belief with every turn of the page and every snuggle.

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