A Date with Magic: Dive into “The Snail & The Butterfly” Virtual Event!

Ever sat down with a book and felt the world around you transform? Ever been transported into a universe filled with wonder, hope, and magic? Well, Dougie Coop and CJ the Kid are about to sweep you off your feet with their latest masterpiece, The Snail and The Butterfly.

Mark Your Calendars!

On October 25th at 7:00 PM EDT (or October 26 at 10a AEDT for our friends down under), set your alarms, brew a cozy cup of cocoa, and get ready to be teleported into a realm of inspiration. Rare Bird Books proudly presents a virtual evening dedicated to this heartwarming tale. Grab your spot here and make sure you don’t miss out!

Why This Book?

The Snail and the Butterfly Children's Book CoverThe Snail & The Butterfly isn’t just another children’s book. It’s a symphony of words and illustrations that resonates with the universal dream of soaring high, irrespective of the limitations we believe we have. Tailored for the imaginative minds aged 4–7 years, this tale is an ode to self-belief, persistence, and the magic of dreams.

Meet the Maestros: Dougie Coop and CJ the Kid

Dougie Coop isn’t a stranger to the literary world. With award-winning titles like Outside In, The Investment Club, and Focus Lost under his belt, he has ventured into the enchanting world of children’s literature. And boy, has he made an entrance! On the other hand, CJ the Kid, a name synonymous with the vibrant hues of life, has showcased his artistic brilliance throughout various platforms, from commercials and films to the mesmerizing stages of Cirque du Soleil in Vegas. His illustrations breathe life into Dougie’s words, making The Snail & The Butterfly a visual treat.

The Essence: Dream, Believe, Achieve

This isn’t just a book. It’s a beacon of hope, a testament to the fact that with a pinch of trust, a dollop of perseverance, and a heart full of dreams, even the impossible seems within reach. It’s a message every child and adult needs to hear, now more than ever.

Rare Bird Books: A Legacy of Brilliance

Founded by the visionary Tyson Cornell, Rare Bird Books is a name that resonates with literary excellence. Dougie Coop & CJ's "The Snail & Butterfly" Book Launch Event Presented by Rare Bird BooksWith an array of acclaimed authors and a rich legacy dating back to 2010, Rare Bird has been the wind beneath the wings of many an author’s dream.

Books of Wonder: A Treasure Trove

Every book lover’s paradise, Books of Wonder, has been the heart of NYC’s literary scene since 1980. Nestled in Chelsea, it’s a haven for readers, offering a mesmerizing collection of contemporary and vintage treasures.

Ready to Dive In?

Dougie Coop & CJ's "The Snail & Butterfly" Book Launch Event Presented by Books of WonderBefore you join us on this magical evening, make sure to order your copy from Books of Wonder and embark on this journey with your little ones. See you on the 25th, and until then, keep believing in the magic of dreams!